Chisholm Trail, located in Park City, offers a small-town atmosphere while still being a part of the largest school district in the state. Chisholm Trail is strongly supported by the Park City community, including a community-wide Stuff the Bus campaign to provide school supplies, clothing and food drives to support our students, as well as tutors volunteering their time to help our students reach their maximum potential. Chisholm Trail gives back to the Park City Community through public service projects and by participating in the annual Fourth of July Parade.

At Chisholm Trail, our safe learning environment is framed in the belief that our students will develop into responsible, respectful citizens. We have a school-wide discipline plan that defines expected behavior and rewards students for positive choices. Our guidelines for success are focused on the Five Rs of Respect:
  • Respect yourself.
  • Respect your teachers.
  • Respect your fellow students.
  • Respect your school.
  • Respect your community

Chisholm Trail offers services for students from pre-kindergarten through fifth grade, including all-day kindergarten, special education services for students with learning needs, as well as an Autism program to meet the needs of students with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Chisholm Trail also features a tutoring program, Big Brothers/Big Sisters and before- and after-school programs to support students in need of these services. We also have a Circle of Friends Club that matches exceptional students with nonexceptional peers to provide role models for proper behavior, develop friendships and promote an inclusive atmosphere.

We are very proud of our parental involvement at Chisholm Trail. A strong PTO and Site Council support the mission of the school through tutoring, fundraising, and teacher support. We have a strong sense of community which enhances our partnership with parents and benefits all of our students.

Students have the opportunity to participate in a variety of activities and events, including Red Ribbon Week, Dr. Martin Luther King Celebration, Staff vs. 5th Grade Basketball Game, Balloon Launch and Field Day. We also hold special parent nights where parents and students participate in fun, themed learning activities such as "Camp" Night, Circus Night and Sports Night. These evenings offer families the opportunity to become active participants in their child(ren)'s learning. Chisholm Trail invites you to join us at any of these events to help celebrate your child's learning and be an important part of their success!



Achievement Highlights

Chisholm Trail's state and district tests show continuous growth in the basics. Our school made the Standard of Excellence in Math in 2005. 2007-2008 results were 84% proficient in Reading and 85% in Math. 2008-2009 results indicated that 85.9% were proficient in Reading and 87.9% proficient in Math. In 2011, our school made the Standard of Excellence in Math again in 4th Grade! We are very proud of our students.



Exit I-135 at 61st St. North. Travel east on 61st to Independence, then south on Independence to Forester. Travel west at Forester to the front of Chisholm Trail. See Maps for all USD 259 locations



Our Chisholm Trail staff is committed to educating our students intellectually, emotionally and socially in a safe environment in order to prepare them to become life-long learners and problem solvers in a global society.

The Chisholm Trail Longhorns...
Blazing a Trail through Learning.


School Improvement
  • All students will show improvement in reading comprehension and fluency
  • All students will exhibit characteristics needed to be capable, responsible people
  • Students will increase awareness and responsibilities for self and relationships with others
  • All students will improve math problem-solving strategies across the curriculum
  • All students will demonstrate effective written communication skills
  • Families will be connected to school in an effort to promote student achievement

Site Council Information

Each school has a site council, which is a group of parents, community members, business representatives, teachers and other school staff. Site councils identify, consider and discuss educational problems and issues at the school. Councils provide advice and counsel for evaluating state, school district and school site performance goals and objectives. Councils may also recommend methods that may be employed at the school site to meet these goals and objectives.

Meeting Day:  TBA
Time:  TBA
Location: Chisholm Trail Library
Chairperson:  Larry Perlman




We serve students in Pre-Kindergarten through grade 5, including All-Day Kindergarten. We have interrelated services to assist students with learning needs and an autism program to meet the needs of students diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder.


Pre-Kindergarten Program
Half-Day Kindergarten: No
All-Day Kindergarten: Yes


Student Activities

Our students have opportunities to participate in a variety of activities and events, such as:

  • Safety Patrol
  • Spelling Bees
  • Battle of the Books
  • Red Ribbon Week Activities 
  • Grade Level Musical Productions 
  • Balloon Launch
  • Circle of Friends
  • Staff vs Fifth Grade Basketball Game 
  • Field Day

School History

The story of Chisholm Trail School dates back to April 1873, when the first school board of District 51 was elected with three members. A one-room frame structure, 18' x 28', served for a schoolhouse. Since there was no money for desks, the first students sat on benches and used their knees to write on. The school was called Kechi Center and was located at 61st and North Lawrence (now Broadway).

In 1919, the frame house was replaced by a brick building, and in 1929 the increased enrollment made an addition necessary. By 1955, enrollment had again increased and Chisholm Trail School was constructed at 6001 Forester, about a mile from Kechi Center. Classes were held at both buildings. With the completion in 1958 of the Chisholm Trail Junior High building which housed grades seven and eight, the primary building was used for Kindergarten through second grade, and fourth through sixth grade. Third grade classes were housed at the Kechi Center building.

In 1963, District 51 became a part of Unified School District 259, and at that time use of the Kechi Center building was discontinued.

The enrollment has reflected the growth pattern of the city and county. In 1893, there were 26 children attending Kechi Center. Forty-three were enrolled in 1903. In 1967-68, the peak enrollment of 900 students was reached at Chisholm Trail.

At the beginning of the 1988-89 year, sixth grade students were incorporated into the middle school program, leaving a PK-5 enrollment of approximately 500 students.

In April 2000, the voters of the Wichita School District approved a $284.5 million bond issue. The projects began in the fall of 2000 and were completed over the next five years. The plan built 19 multipurpose rooms, upgraded science labs, replaced portable classrooms with permanent construction, improved handicap accessibility to all buildings, rebuilt five existing elementary schools, added a new elementary and middle school, expanded seven other elementary schools and provided nine new libraries as well as the expansion of nine others. Building infrastructure in 82 buildings was also upgraded, including the replacement of antiquated plumbing, updates and expansion of electrical systems, replacement of inefficient or broken windows and doors, upgrades of heating and cooling systems, and asbestos abatement when required.

The architectural firm of Wilson & Company helped with the Chisholm Trail renovations. They included a new addition with four classrooms and a library, as well as renovations for classrooms and student support. In June 2004, this remodeling placed the front entrance on Independence Street, which changed Chisholm Trail's address from 6001 Forester to the current address. Caro Construction Co., Inc. received a contract for the amount of $2,633,100 to complete the remodel and addition project.

The Bond project dedication ceremony was held October 20, 2005.

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